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The Reckoning: Clients

The Reckoning

Released on April 14th 2021

The magical lands of Alterra have been stricken with famine since the destruction of light magic. Rebellion threatens to rise, but the Reckoning, an age-old tradition where potential warriors compete in deadly challenges, could provide distraction.

To be Called is an honor, but glory is reserved for the champion. So when Malaki Darkblood, a prince with demonic heritage, is Called he is expected to win. But his fate is intertwined with that of a girl and he finds more than his reputation is at stake.

Harrison Darkborne, a highborn asudh, is more than honored to be Called. His loyalty to the King knows no bounds, but when his wedding to the princess is postponed he soon discovers that there are challenges far greater than the Reckoning.

Tyler Skyy, a human farmer, clings to her faith in love and kindness even as her family's herd thins. Though her hope is strong, her life is turned upside down when she is Called. Without any magic of her own her odds of survival are low, but her kindness may prove to be her savior.

Facing the unknown challenges ahead of them, one thing holds true. 

Their fates are intertwined.

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