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Join the Dark Authors Discord Server Today!

The Dark Authors discord is a community of authors specializing in Dark Fiction. We strive to build and forge new bonds between the sub-genres of dark fiction and the communities within. Despite writing angst, violence and gore the two leaders of the Dark Authors discord have a wonderful community growing, and would love for you to be a part of it! We host community live streams, music parties, and other events regularly over on the discord server.

The Dark Authors: About

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Dark Authors?

The Dark Authors is an author community ran by the dark fiction duo; Kayla Knue and Blue Coutell.

What do they write?

Kayla Knue writes dark fantasy, sci-fi, and LGBTQ+ romance. If you like everything about fantasy but need more blood, gore, and intrigue, Kayla has you covered. Blue Coutell is an angst writer extraordinaire and a Nine Inch Nails enthusiast! Her angst filled stories will have you turning the page.

Where can I find them?

Well you've clearly already found Kayla via this website, social media links listed in the footer. Blue Coutell can be found here. Check out her site and send her much love!

Why should I join?

The Dark Authors discord is a great place to find like minded authors, writers, and dark fiction enthusiasts. Whether you're looking to find beta readers, critique partners, or community, the Dark Authors discord is for you. We also have lots of sources to help you along with your writing journey regardless of what part of the process you're currently working on. We look forward to meeting you soon!

The Dark Authors: List
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